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PPGI Sandwich Panel

▶PPGI Rockwool Sandwich panel Material of construction: The panel adopts double-si...

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Clean Doors And Windows

▶PCGI Panel Door With Aluminum Alloy Frame Filler: paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, rock...

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Support And Hanger System

▶Finished support and hanger ·Material: high quality carbon steel, stainless steel ·Antis...

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Integrated Exhaust System

▶HEPA Box(static pressure box) ·It is suitable for the clean engineering fields of biology, ...

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Purification Equipment

▶FFU ·The lightweight structure design can meet the installation of GRID system of...

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Low-voltage Electrical Cabinet

·GCS & GCK & MNS ·GGD ·Drawer type switch cabinet ·Fixed panel switch cabinet ·Incoming...

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Air Handling Unit

▶Air Handling Unit ·Structural design of high strength composite anodic alumina alloy frame;...

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