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Purification Equipment



·The lightweight structure design can meet the installation of GRID system of each manufacturer.

·The diffuser is equipped inside the condyle, and the wind pressure diffuses evenly, and the wind speed on the outlet surface is stable on average.

·The inner gallbladder of the metal structure downwind channel has smooth surface and low wind resistance,

·Single-phase motor provides three-stage speed regulation, which can increase or decrease wind speed and air volume according to the actual situation.

▶Clapboard HEPA filter


▶Non-clapboard HEPA filter

The design of rectangle angle ensures the stability of the filter, and the good filtration performance is secured by high quality glass fiber filter element and sealing strip.

▶Laminar Hood

Clean laminar flow hood is to make the clean air flow vertically and unidirectionally through the high efficiency filter at a certain wind speed, thus ensuring the cleanliness requirement of the working area.

Product advantages:

·Provides local environmental cleanliness requirements at specified levels;

·The installation is flexible. It can be used independently or in combination to provide zonal clean area.


▶Air Shower

Air shower room is a kind of common equipment which uses clean air to blow down and remove particles attached to the surface of people entering the clean room. It is used to prevent air from entering the clean area without purification.

Product advantages:

·Adopting German Dorma brand door closer, it has a longer service life.

·Multi-channel stainless steel hinges are used at the joint of the door body to ensure strength and durability.

·Wind balloon can adjust direction at large angle, and can endure large flow gas injection for a long time.

▶Pass Box

Transfer window is a common auxiliary equipment of clean room. It is often used to transfer small items between adjacent clean areas and between clean areas and non-clean areas to reduce the number of clean room openings and minimize pollution in clean areas.

Product advantages:

·Made of stainless steel plate, the surface is smooth and clean, no dust, no dust;

·Double doors are interlocking design, equipped with electronic or mechanical interlocking devices to effectively prevent cross-contamination;

·Inside is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamp to prevent external bacteria from polluting the clean area.