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Virtue first, talent first, both virtue and talent


On the issue of selecting candidates, CLP Chuangda adheres to the basic principle of "ethics first, talents first, and both virtue and talents"
"Morality" means moral quality, which is usually manifested in work as professionalism, responsibility, principle, loyalty, integrity, style of unity and cooperation, and the spirit of courage to overcome difficulties.
"Talent" refers to technology and ability, including professional knowledge, management theory, comprehensive problem analysis, problem solving ability, as well as planning ability, decision-making ability, communication and coordination ability, learning and innovation ability, leadership ability, etc.
"Ability" refers to the ability of employees to adapt to job responsibilities. The company relies on performance appraisal and other evaluation mechanisms to create equal development opportunities for employees, and formulates career pathway planning and training systems that are in line with employees, and attaches importance to the cultivation of employee capabilities.
"Performance" refers to performance, which is the value that employees create for the company through their work. Only when employees create value for the company can they get corresponding rewards and incentives. CLP Chuangda provides employees with opportunities for growth, relying on material and spiritual incentives to stimulate their enthusiasm and creativity.